Fincantieri Marine Systems markets and supports the Marine System Business Unit of Fincantieri which is dedicated to research, design and production of Marine Systems and Components. This Unit is the system integrator and engineering heart of the company for systems:

• Propulsion

• Systems Stabilization and Ride-Control Systems

• Power Generation Systems

• Dynamic Positioning Systems Cargo Access and Handling Systems

• Cargo Access and Handling Systems


Fin Stabilizers

Controllable Pitch Propellers 

Transverse Tunnel Thrusters

Steam Turbines

With research, engineering, and the manufacturing of key components Fincantieri Marine Systems has the ability to tailor make these systems based on Customer requirements as well as provide Customers with turn key projects and after-sale services and logistic support.

Fincantieri Marine Systems and Components

FPT Engines

FPT Industrial announced its strategic partnership with Fincantieri, one of the most important and largest shipbuilders in the world, during the International WorkBoat Show (IWBS). FPT Industrial has been chosen by Fincantieri as a preferred partner to supply tailor-made powertrain solutions for its military customers: the partnership includes FPT Industrial marine engines and auxiliaries, as well as ground power generators, and is dedicated to the worldwide market of commercial, patrolling and special applications, covering power range up to 750 hp.

FPT Industrial is a FIAT company dedicated to the design, production and sale of power-engines for on/off-road vehicle, marine and power generation uses. FPT Industrial’s engines for pleasure and commercial boats stand out for superb quality, features and application versatility. They bring maximum and continuous specific power and torque at low revolutions. They achieve better efficiency in all sea conditions. They also boast an impressive durability.

Superior Technology & Outstanding Advantages

Performance: Maximum and continuous high specific power. High torque at low revs. Lightness (weight/power low ratios).

Flexibility: Compactness (volume/power low ratios). Full range of accessories available. Wide range of emission and propulsion certifications. Keel cooling versions availability.

Low Environmental Impact: Drastic reduction of exhaust emissions. Low noise and vibrations.

Low Operating Costs: Lower fuel consumption. Longer maintenance intervals costs. Longer overhaul intervals.

FPT Industrial Marine Diesel Engines

F1 Series: The F1 Series features common-rail and electronic technologies. It brings substantial benefits, including high specific power, torque at low RPM resulting in better planning, low fuel consumption and emissions.

NEF Series: The NEF Series is the result of prime production quality. It includes the broadest offering of FPT Industrial marine engines for pleasure and commercial use. The engines are state of the art in diesel technology (electronic-control common-rail systems, 4 valves/cylinder). They combine high performance with a lightweight, compact design. With low smoke, noise and vibrations they are an environmentally-friendly solution.

Cursor Series: The Cursor series brings benefits such as high injection pressure and timing precision in all conditions, superb performance, fuel efficiency and low emissions. Sea professionals trust it for its state-of-the-art technology, reduced operating costs, and ease of maintenance.


IFM Engines

Since 2008, Isotta Fraschini Motori S.p.A. (IFM) has entrusted Fincantieri Marine Systems (FMSNA) with the service and technical assistance of their manufactured diesel engines based on their professionalism and technical characteristics of the organization. IFM has authorized FMSNA to act as the “authorized service provider for IFM diesel engines”. This authorization was made on an exclusive basis for FMSNA to provide parts and technical services for all IFM engines in North America.

A Fincantieri Company, IFM is a name that has always been synonymous with advanced technology in the history of Italian industry. Since 1904 IFM has produced engines for various applications from the marine and aeronautics industry to automotive which in 1920 made the Company known and admired throughout the world. Different applications at different times, aiming always at the same goals, quality and product reliability.

IFM produces a modern and full range of engines, with outputs from 200 to 2,750 kW for marine, industrial and rail traction applications based on the 1300 and 1700 engine families.

1300 Engine Family: The 1300 family consists of a six-cylinder in-line unit and eight and twelve – cylinder 90° Vee models. With common 130 mm bore, the in-line engine has a stroke of 142 mm, while that of the Vee engines is reduced to 126 mm. The in-line engine has a displacement of 1,885 cm3, the Vee engines have a displacement of 1,672 cm3 per cylinder. The IF 1300 engines, having an impressive power to weight ratio and are highly standardized and extremely reliable units of modular type.

1700 Engine Family: The 1700 family comprises 8 to 16-cylinder models, 90° Vee arranged on a high-tensile alloy cast iron crankcase. This engine family is built on a modular concept basis.




Fincantieri Marine Systems offers an Integrated approach to data collection, communication, analysis, and reporting through Data Logging and Condition Monitoring systems.

Products and Systems:

• Integrated Alarm and Monitoring Systems for Marine Engines and Generator Sets

• Automation and Control for Ship Equipment

 Engine Development and Warranty Data Logging Systems

 Military Mission Data Recorder with Post Mission Analysis for Crew Training

 Servo Control Systems

 Deep Sea Resistant Data Logger

 Vehicle Performance Data Logger

 Marine Engine Commander

 Flap and Trim Controls

 Rudder Controls

 Active Steering Marine Controls

 Displays and HMI

 Custom Keyboards and Dashboards

 Remote Data Links


Data Logging:

Data logging units are equipped with powerful analysis software for data acquisition and information processing. Detailed data collection and simplified data presentation provides customers with high resolution tracking of performance capability. Data logging supports Condition Monitoring to develop a Condition Based Maintenance process.  

Condition Monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance:

The use of condition monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to prevent failure and avoid its consequences. Condition monitoring has a unique benefit in that conditions that would shorten normal lifespan can be addressed before they develop into a major failure. 


 Solve problems before failures occur

 Increase reliability

 Reduce maintenance costs

 Improve efficiency of maintenance

 Detailed data collection of machinery status



Fincantieri is a benchmark operator in ship construction, repair, conversion and sustainment for commercial and government markets. One of the company’s many strengths is its vast global network of repair facilities—shipyards located on four continents providing comprehensive services that may be required anywhere in the world. In addition to shipyard services, FMSNA now offers remote vessel support at customer facilities, underway repair services and test/trials management. With years of experience in repairs to cruise ships, mega yacht, bulk tankers, workboats and military ships of every size and variety, one call puts a seasoned repair team at your immediate disposal. Their commitment is to return your vessel to service as soon as possible and in accordance with international safety, quality and environmental protection standards.


• Remote Repair Services
• Scheduled Maintenance
• Production Yard Work Package Development
• Management/Support Services• Module  Construction/Repair• Test/Trials Management
• Diving Services• Parts Fabrication• Work Scope Development
• Crane Services• Manage OEM Support 

Sustainment Brochure 

Fincantieri Marine Systems provides pre-sales support, project customization and aftersales support to all its customers in the United States and abroad.

FMSNA provides customers with the following support and services:


 Design and Engineering Services

 Condition Based Monitoring

 Maintenance and Sustainment Services

 Marine Ventilation Systems Maintenance

• Shipyard Support

• Manpower Support

• After-Sales Support

• Life-Cycle Support

• Spare Parts Support

• 24/7 Technical Support

Service & Support