for Integrated Marine Systems & Components


Fincantieri Marine Systems, Inc. (FMS) is a U.S. corporation and part of Fincantieri Group of Italy. FMS offers products and services to the Department of Defense for use in homeland security and for commercial business alike.

FMS can supply complex turnkey projects perfectly in line with client requirements with invaluable after-sales service and logistical support. FMS brings experience and expertise in marrying propulsion and machinery systems to a ship’s hull form and offer the highest quality, “best value” to their clients.

As opposed to mere hardware vendors, FMS’s added value comes from being system engineers that will deliver a fully integrated package. FMS as “the propulsion plant integrator” will take full responsibility for the performance of the machinery and will be a single “go to” entity for all propulsion system issues.

We do it all: engineer, integrate, source, purchase, install, test, and deliver to satisfied clients all over the world. A brief overview of our offerings has been listed below:

Engineering: FMS has the program management, engineering and expertise required, and by teaming with partners, will be able to develop, integrate, maintain, and take full responsibility for the performance of the systems we provide.

Marine Systems: Propulsion Systems; Power Generation Systems; Stabilization and Ride-Control Systems; Cargo Access and Handling Systems; Data Logging and Condition Monitoring Systems.

Marine Components: Isotta Fraschini Motori (IFM) and FPT Diesel Engines; Steam Turbines; Bow and Stern Thrusters; Fin Stabilizers; Propellers and Shafting.

Service & Support: Training and Operation Service; Maintenance and Sustainment; Online Troubleshooting; Shaft Alignment Services; Shipyard Services; Manpower Support; 24/7 Technical Support; After Sales Support; Life-Cycle Support; Spare Parts Support; Condition Based Monitoring Services with Telemetry; Marine Ventilation Systems Maintenance.