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Isotta Fraschini Motori

VL1716-hpcr-vista1Founded in 1903, Isotta Fraschini Motori S.p.A. is a FINCANTIERI company. The headquarter and factory are based in Bari, Italy. The Company produces a modern and full range of engines, with outputs from 200 to 2,750 kW for marine, industrial and rail traction applications, based on the 1300 and 1700 engine families.

As leaders in the world market, we are known for our non-magnetic engines and generating sets, for use in mine-hunting vessels, which are used by the United States Navy, and many other world-wide navies.

All Isotta Fraschini products are realized according to quality assurance procedures; the Company has also been awarded UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and Military standards certifications.

IQNET ISO 9001:2008
IQNET ISO 14001:2004
CISQ ISO 9001:2008
CISQ ISO 14001:2000

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